Welcome to a Refreshed XOS7 world!

- Enlighted by Dazzling Aurora Green -

Taking inspiration from the fabulous design elements Aurora Green,the lastest XOS7 comes with an revolutionary visual look which features a whole new integrated refreshed icons, live wallpapers,colorful themes and a more intelligent interaction to lead you a higher quality desktop experience.

Stylized Geometric lines for better experience

By boldly adopting personalized and abstract geometric lines from nature, the latest XOS 7.0 respectively integrates geometric elements installed in Infinix brand and international trendy elements to create a unique system-level Icon experience.

Move down Interaction area for smoother reachability

To largely adapt to human operation habits, XOS developer team eventually makes a new plan to move down the operation area after conducting lots of experiments which are centering on simulating human operation routes on the smartphones. The new plan greatly enhanced operations smoothness in one-hand mode and both hands mode.

System-level visual unity
for comfortable taste

By implanting a system-level unified design and lower high saturation to reduce visual fatigue, the new XOS7.0 is worth anticipating with the whole system that are smoother and more comfortable.

Social Turbo for WhatsApp Business

By supporting WhatsApp Business, users can enjoy multi-features on social turbo such as flashlight call, DIY Emoji, and Peek Mode.


Multifunctional Audio-Share Player

Exclusive feature on Infinix mobile phones. By scaning QR code to connect up to 6 mobile devices which can simultaneously broadcast same music just like in a party.

Video Ringtone

Place your favorite videos as a caller ID

Want to decorate your default and simple caller screen instead of video ringtone? The amazing Video Caller ID allows you to set your own customized videos as incoming caller screen.

Bullet Messages

While playing games, WhatsApp and Messenger messages will Pop-up as notifications.No need to stop games and check your message to avoid gaming interruption. It is only used for WhatsApp and Messenger messages

Image Compressor

Easy Photo Compression, Save Space

XOS Image Compressor provides multiple photo compression at a single time. You can compress photo size in MB to in KB in one second.

Instant USSD

Delivers all USSD codes from Mobile Operators in only one second.


Auto Pickup call to your ear

Ear-sensor Receiver allows you to automatically answer an incoming call while you place your phone near your ear without touching your screen.


Daily step counter helps you to reach your fitness goal

X-Health allows you to see your daily steps via X-board or the app itself. It will automatically record steps for you to know your daily exercise at any time and remind you to drink water regularly customized your daily goals to keep you healthy.

Digital Wellbeing

Create healthy habits for you

By giving you a daily view of how often you check your phone and how frequently you use different apps. You can then set limits with daily app timers so as to develop healthy habits.